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I’m still some 9 weeks away from officially commencing my PhD but I already am starting to get a sense of the gravity of workload ahead. I have been oriented to QUT, briefly presented to the chief investigators at CRE a very embryonic outline of my topics/s, and spent several hours with my supervisor simply just talking ideas. All of this has been very helpful, but in a way I feel I’m doing it a little disservice because when I want to really make a start on things I get ‘interrupted’ by work. Knowing that I must prioritise this, I have to stop and put it down.
Generally, when I’m thinking, reading and trying to write and garner ideas, the term ‘thought bubbles’ comes to mind. Adequate I think because they feel very delicate, tend to fill up and then eventually pop and disappear – often together with any trains of thought and ideas!
But I have got an early initial framework that I’m plotting out on mind mapping program’s and textually. I’m hoping this will help me focus this enormous topic and finalise my research questions. After presenting to the CIs one of them commented ‘after he’s done that we’ll get him on to Palestine’. A light hearted comment but accurately reflecting vastness of my topic, and the need to fine tune it.
My thoughts continue, seeking inspiration from the literature, I will try and progress whilst finishing my paid work. I confess I’m really looking forward to getting stuck right into it.
Outside of this, I’m pleased to have achieved a goal that 6 months ago was probably the furthest from my mind. Inspired by my sisters battle with cancer, I trained and completed an 8 km run in 42.16 on Mother’s Day. Blowing a few bubbles myself by the end! The running will continue, strangely I love it.


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