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Week 1 – 7th August 2013

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So first “real” week of the PhD. Settled into new digs at VICNISS, working out a realistic schedule of time there and at home, and coming to terms with my vastly reduced income… 0.3 at HHA, the rest PhD.

Looking around for ways to get some knowledge on qualitative methods with no or minimal expense. Some online courses, podcasts etc. so will just have to give them a try. Also need to get my head around theoretical frameworks and tie it in with my work…So some self improvement to do early.

My 3600 word Stage 2 milestone paper which clarifies my project to the Uni due at 3 months.  Some clear deliverables have been set out for this time. This includes a brief literature review, weekly teleconference with main supervisor, monthly with associate supervisors. Squeezed in there is 3 days at ACIPC conference at which I have been invited to present on national HAI surveillance, some ACIPC work in Sydney for a couple of days, plus probably a Commission meeting in Sydney. Time is tight already!!

First of “all supervisors” teleconference this afternoon to get some initial feedback on my draft project. Should be interesting!


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