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17 August 2013

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So lots of self organising, setting up home office and trying to create clear blocks of time for PhD v work.
First “all supervisors” teleconference interesting, lots of ideas, big ideas! All agree that work on automated surveillance really important. Possibly the most challenging for me. It’s precise design will need to be informed by outcome of my early work, so we’ll just wait and see and keep reading about it!
Just when you think you’ve do e a comprehensive Medline search you read a paper which references another paper which you haven’t come across. So you get that paper, and the same happens again, and again….six papers of separation…
Keeping the lit review for the Stage 2 paper to 1600-2000 words will be challenging, but I can be ruthless when required.
Gathering ideas for my ACIPC conference talk on surveillance….what will HAI surveillance look like in 20-30 years time?
Enjoying thesis whisperer tweets. Dr Inger Mewburn, interesting character. Though still can’t think of too many intelligent tweets myself that I can’t guarantee I’ll never be embarrassed about! Most likely at some stage I’ll just bite the bullet and tweet away…



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