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Finals and finking – Friday 20th September 2013

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Whilst coming to terms that it  was exactly a week ago I was on another world on the Amalfi coast (sigh, almost sob), and not really caring who wins in the footy, I have been plodding along.

The Stage 2 doc continues to evolve. Its an excellent clear thinking activity. As I write it I check myself and think “Can I actually do this?”.  Good question to ask, as its lead me to make a few changes. It is currently with our writing style expert, so expecting some butchering, but in a good way!

My ACIPC presentation coming along. Attempting to use Prezi for the first time so its taking me longer than usual. But I’m hoping to get some mastering of Prezi so future talks will be quicker.

Otherwise, trying to get my head around the science of mixed methods. With the help of Cresswell and Plano-Clark my understanding is improving. Seems as though my current plan is somewhere between an Explanatory Sequential and a Multiphase design. Be nice if it fitted into one or the other, maybe with more reading it will!

Slowly but surely building up courage to tweet more @PhilRusso_aus….think I can tie in this blog with it somehow, or vice versa??

in the meantime, sit back and think of…



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