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Been sometime since my last visit. I think the output has been ok, most likely average for somebody at my stage I guess. but when I look back and are noted to have commenced on 22 July, some 4.5 months ago, I fear some periods of time will pass too quick.

In brief, I did submit my Stage 2 documents. Received notification the faculty approved, and now awaiting a research committee (of sorts) for a final stamp. This means I’m (still) on my way!

I attended the IHBI Inspires conference. An impressive get together held by IHBI QUT as a showcase for its (mostly) PhD students. Some very smart young people presented. A guest spot from Tim McCartney Snape with some amazing pics of his Everest trek at the conference dinner was a privilege to listen to. I had forgotten he climbed frequently with Lincoln Hall whose stories I read many years ago, and who sadly passed away only recently. Anyhow, my poster on my project was proudly presented in the CRE-RHAI colours and theme together with my colleagues, and if nothing else, we looked the best! It was great to catch up with the others and hear about their journeys.

I have a bit of a work plan for the next few months. Seems strange writing, that as you might think I should have the whole 3 years mapped out, which I sort of do, but this is a bit more task/goal oriented. The distractions of Xmas, New Years, school holidays, warm summery weather and beach activities will no doubt qualify feelings of guilt on low output days! Two main activities; the production of a paper on the back of my lit review from my Stage 2, and the development of a questionnaire for my first “Variation” study. The manuscript is well on the way, but I need to gather some more detail, and I have written some questions, but hoping to look at some similar work that has gone before me.

I think I found a framework to lay across everything I do. It will be born from the diffusion of innovation literature, and so I have some reading to do in that area too!

I have three more days of paid employ left. By Xmas, I will be unemployed, or in a more positive spin, a full time student. I will still need some part time work next year.

I continue to familiarise myself with various tools I will be using over the next few years, and slowly but surely my touch typing is improving….

The size of the task ahead is dawning upon me and gathering momentum. The reality of family financial challenges is imminent. The path ahead is mapped, the obstacles are looming if hazy.

Pics below, a sign in my Brisbane hotel room, an example of a hole in the cheese and my poster…ImageImage



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