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Happy New year and all that….

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So it was a tweet that led me to this blog, Three Reasons Why Blogging Helps Research Productivity, which in turn has brought me back to my blog….The good Professor blogs 1000-2000 words twice a week. It helps him write better, and he believes it has made him a better researcher. So, if it works for him….worth a try. Maybe not that much writing, or that regularly, but possibly half and half?

Where am I at with this PhD thing? My 6 month anniversary has just come and gone. I have stopped part time work, but will be picking it up again soon, and…

1. Close to a final draft of a manuscript. Surprisingly, but I shouldn’t be, it has taken me longer than planned, needed more detail that I’d thought, and generally, required much more effort when the idea was first sprouted. Anyhow, its close, hope to submit in the next 3-4 weeks – realistically.

2. Honoured to have been awarded the 2013 “Babe” Norman Scholarship from the Nurses Memorial Centre. As well as combatting some of the financial anxiety of full time study and a running a household a wee bit, it has educated me about the plight of nurses in war. Some of the stories are simply tragic and heroic.

3. Planning for my first study is well underway. Survey, vignettes and online tools are scattered across my desk.

4. Continuing to read on topics including: Diffusion of Innovation, How to write, and of course the journal articles directly relating to my study. I also really enjoy Dr Inger Mewburn, aka the Thesis Whisperer, prolific tweeter and blogger, who often leads me to interesting articles, many of which also get posted on the Graduate Rise. Some enjoyable, practical and helpful tips and thoughts from bloggers. Last night in Graduate Rise, reading about how to appear cleverer, (by IM) I came across this memorable quote “the plural of anecdote is not data”. That one is “going straight to the pool room”, and will be pulled out for display when appropriate!

5. My Confirmation is due in July. My plan is to have it done earlier. Between the months of May to July, our household will enjoy two 50th’s and a 21st. The suggestion to combine all into one big 121st wasn’t greeted enthusiastically by the younger though. So not sure what will ensue, but it will be nice to have the concerns about the Confirmation dealt with by then.

6. Of course, enjoyed the pleasures of the festive season. Good people, food and wine. Admittedly the wine went a little longer that the festive season itself. A week away on the coast during a week of over 40 celsius was sheer luck, but not overdue given recent family trips have been beset by rain, wind and storms.

Otherwise, from a typical return to school hot hot week in Melbourne, and with concerns about my Mac slowing down, Sente crashing several times yesterday (with no response from their support), and then decided to start working again….yes I have back up, hourly, in two different locations.

Well this is a start. Time to post.


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