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An analysis of Victorian tweets  across a 3 year period suggests that Victorians are most happy when they are at sporting events or drinking coffee, and least happy when they are using public transport, according to Fairfax media. On the twitter map, my own little rail station is blurred by red, indicating lots of negative tweets, no surprise to me.

Is this useful information to me? How will I use it?

Thats the thing with social media I guess. There is so much information that I don’t need. The initial excitement of joining social media, making hundreds of friends, and following all your favourite celebs, sporting teams, colleagues and ‘real’ friends, simply results in a total influx of absolute crap that I don’t need to know. For a while I try to convince myself that, yes, I do want to know  how Shane likes his bolognese, and that guy I spoke to for 5 minutes at a conference 4 years ago and am never likely to meet again or collaborate with is a good friend and colleague. I don’t need a photo of some ‘friends’  kids first turd in the dunny. Every news bulletin, every article, every add, every presentation is accompanied by that little ‘#’ or the ‘F’ and somehow an overwhelming feeling of must have as I attempt a mental note. Eventually I start being introduced to friends of friends wanting to know if I want be be friends, and receiving tweets from those who I’ve never heard of or followed.

Its too much.

Consequently the I have commenced de-friending and unfollowing. A cathartic experience. I will select carefully who I follow. As for that other media, I simply don’t trust it, I don’t quite know what happens to any information I put up there, how come I see photos of people I don’t know, but they suggest I might know? Who will see what I put up? Im sure there are answers to all these questions on support sites, in threads, discussion pages, blogs etc but frankly I don’t have time to find them, I don’t care. I don’t need the information provided from these sites. Word is that media won’t last beyond 2017, and I shudder to think what will be in its place.

I guess the moral of the story is, just as it is important to cast the net to find all the information, with all these electronic sources, these days it can take longer to remove the crap.

Having said all, I did tweet a pic yesterday. A laugh at the expense of media. Is the media accountable? A scholar must literally die establishing sources of information, if they don’t they subsequently die through crucifixion! Probably we know not to take the media too seriously, which means ignoring their influence.

This gem below came through on the nightly news bulletin in Melbourne. Did they not ask for the correct title. Was it not sufficient to put ID Physician, Professor, Infection Prevention expert? Any of these would have been suitable. But no, they manufactured their own word…



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