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First manuscript done, submitted. 

Its been a while since I first authored a paper (probably about 6-7 years in fact). Apart from the effort of writing, forgotten was the tedious hours of checking all the submission requirements, acknowledgements, declarations of conflict, funding sources, letter to the Editor, table legends on separate pages, uploading of files…etc. Makes for even more satisfaction on submission. Anyhow its in somebody else’s hands now, and we wait.

So now the attention turns to my first study, a close examination of current HAI surveillance practices in hospitals, and a description of any variation. This will be via a survey. So the construction of survey questions is my next challenge. So many ways to write a question! 

So many ways to write. What are the rules, is there a more efficient way to write? A blog led me to this book.Image

Clearly I’m not a Social Scientist, nevertheless there are some pearls of wisdom. On writing manuscripts, “the only version than counts is the last one”. Try to write “so clearly that no one could misunderstand”. I continue through this enjoyable read.

There is no shortage of helps. Graduate Rise continues to be a useful source, and came up with this little gem from Stephen Mumford, a nice succinct way to be brutal with writing…

Anyhow distractions are presenting, internet connections are breaking….



Fun at the Zoo with Clairy Browne and the banging raguettes!



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