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Some peoples brains…

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I’m a slow reader, thinker and writer. I’d guess my reading is down towards the left end of the curve, the other two a little more right. Those who can think on their feet and talk at speed are impressive, but not as much as those with good brains. Evolution just dictates that some are smarter than others, and some peoples brains just work beautifully. At my sons debating not only do I enjoy the thinking of these adolescents, but occasionally a gem comes along and you just wonder where they will end up, what will they do with their impressive brain. To be a third speaker in debating is possibly the hardest task. To retort and summarise what you have witnessed in the preceding 40 minutes is clearly challenging. To do it sensibly and eloquently more so. So when a youngster comes along and sweeps the floor with logic, conviction and eloquence, you just go wow, and I did.


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