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With so much happening, I (almost) forgot you!

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Almost two months since I blogged last. Well there goes that commitment to put something up on a weekly basis!

Lots has happened. Let me see if i can remember…

A few days in Brisbane at QUT with my supervisor has resulted in a small, subtle but also significant change in my work. My initial plan of three studies remains:

  • Study 1 on variation in current HAI surveillance practices is firm, in fact in the ethics submission process and hope to be surveying ICP in the next month
  • Study 2 on Technology…GONE. Replaced with most of what was my original Study 3 – Identifying key components of a good HAI surveillance program. Done by semi structured interviews with experts both local and international, using the CDC Guidelines on Evaluating Public Health Surveillance Systems as the measuring tool
  • Study 3 – New to my life and not yet locked in – most likely a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE) to determine what sort of surveillance system is best suited for Australia. Up until 3 weeks ago I had not heard of a DCE, but from my readings, and discussions with colleagues who are using them, it seems an appropriate method for my purpose. The fact it is quantitative is most attractive, and its application for this purpose will be novel (historically used for economics but now branching out). The alternative is using something like a Delphi method to identify preferences, but I need to find out more about it. That it is qualitative is less attractive to me as I’ll be doing enough Qual in Study 2.

So my recent weeks have been heavy with reading and learning about DCEs. Given this recent change in direction, I have pushed back my confirmation to mid July now. This will allow me time to clarify Study 3 and write up my confirmation document in time to submit 3 weeks prior. An afternoon session with my supervisor was extremely valuable and has helped clarify some direction. Without being too exuberant, and wary of using this word lightly, it was a bit of a (moderate) Eureka moment..!

Whilst at QUT, myself and the other PhD’s were involved (the subject of!) a brief video describing our projects to the CRE Chief Investigators. Hate seeing myself on video, but its done and will soon be out there!

This topic of HAI surveillance, (it’s not mine despite me often talking about ‘my topic’) is hot. So many want a piece, so many opinions…. Why didn’t I pick something less hot? Because I wanted to be in the mix now and later.. My choice and in knew it. There have been tenders put out for various bit of work on surveillance of MROs and ABU…we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile also picked up some part time work in Tassie with TIPCU which requires me to travel down occasionally, always great to go to lovely Hobart. And some HHA work continuing till end of June.. 

Hobart turned it on for me!




In the meantime my running is going well, all set for the 8km MDC in a couple of weeks, and working up to the half marathon in August. This picture is not taken in a little cove on the Mediterranean. This is my local Mentone beach on a recent spectacular day!



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