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Sitting at Heathrow for five hours after the loooong haul from Melbourne hosts not the most active or creative mind, so thought its time for a catch up.

First, at long last my first “in PhD” paper has been published online at Australian Health Review. Just a brief and simple whip around of what we can discern is happening with HAI surveillance in Australia. It wont change the world but its nice to have it out there.

Second, the reason I’m in transit is I have a poster of my first study to present at Healthcare Infection Society 2014 Conference in Lyon. It has some of the ‘highlights’ from my first study exploring variation in HAI surveillance practices across Australia. Some really interesting (I think) but perhaps not so surprising results. Needless to say there are some issues to address to get a national surveillance program off the ground. Perhaps the most surprising for me was that only half of the respondents who do surveillance have ever been trained in HAI surveillance…that alone leads to so many questions. The first paper from that study is now in draft stage.

Third, I’ve been invited to present my findings at the ACIPC Conference in Adelaide. So literally the day after i return from Lyon get back on the plane. Honored to have been asked, and privileged to share my study. With so much data to report, it is, as always, challenging to find the best hooks to present.

Fourth, the interviews for my attribute discovery have commenced. Already conducted one with a major HAI surveillance leader from Europe, and catching up and interviewing two more whilst in Lyon.

So its a hectic time, and I’ll be glad to see December, which unbelievably brings me to the brink of 18 months of PhD. Though somehow I sense things wont lighten up…


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