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About me


So I am classified a late-life PhD student. This was evident on enrolment when more than once I was asked “Staff or……student?” with a bit of a look.

I have 20 years of working life left, I want more choice and I don’t want to die wondering. Besides, its not as if evening TV is compelling viewing!

A PhD has been on my mind for quite a while now. My reluctance was finding a topic that would keep me interested for 3 years. Well I found one, and through the grant support offered at CRE at QUT, I am studying healthcare associated infection surveillance – the exact title and research questions are evolving!

Despite the grants, I’ve put my family’s finances and lifestyle at risk, so a reasonable amount of funding stress will be maintained for the duration. So I will continue to work part time.

That’s enough of me. I will maintain this blog and occasionally tweet @PhilRusso_aus


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